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Tree Size Reduction, Woolston, Southampton

Tree Size Reduction, Woolston, Southampton - before photo
Tree Size Reduction, Woolston, Southampton - after photo

There is a real art to reducing the size and reshaping of trees, which is why you need experts to help you with your project. Our team of tree surgeons has a wealth of industry experience. Aside from that, we give each of our staff member’s in-depth training. That means that each of our team members will reach and even exceed your expectations. When you invest in some of our expert services, you can be sure that you will get the best level of service. Whether you need help with a commercial or private garden, we are a company you can trust.

Large trees can start to dominate a garden space as well as the obvious shading and light issues, the feeling of being dominated and overwhelmed by a tree, can be a real issue for a resident or homeowner.

The tree pictured above is growing in Woolston Southampton. We received a phone from  from the homeowner explaining that the tree was really shading and dominating the front of their property. When we arrived the issues were clear to see...............low tree branches over the drive, low tree branches over the footpath and road and shading of downstairs rooms looking out onto the front garden. Also not much light was getting under or through the tree, this tree was really dominating the front garden and drive. .      

BEFORE PICTURE – You can clearly see just how large and dominating this tree had become in context of the available space and surrounding features. The area under and around the tree had become so shaded and it was also difficult to grow plants!  

AFTER PICTURE - The shape of the tree has improved significantly and looks a real feature of the front garden now, clearly visible as you drive or walk along the footpath/road and looks fantastic.

The light beaming under and around the tree has increased by more than 50%!  Now that is a big improvement! There is light beaming into the downstairs windows and plants underneath the tree will benefit from this new abundance of natural daylight, all in all a fantastic improvement for the customer who was very pleased with the finished look!   

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