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Large Tree Trimmed in Southampton, Hampshire

Large Tree Trimmed in Southampton, Hampshire - before photo
Large Tree Trimmed in Southampton, Hampshire - after photo

We received a call from a regular customer regarding a very large tree affecting a resident in Southampton. The tree had become so large, it was blocking natural daylight and sunlight to the garden. In addition the garden was dark and shaded throughout the year casing damp and wet patches on the side of the house due to shading and retention of water/damp that would naturally evaporate in a none shaded scenario. 

We were asked what could be done to resolve the aforementioned issues and we came up with the following solution........

"Overall crown reduction by up to 3-4 metres reducing the height and width of the canopy whilst ensuring a symmetrical appearance is retained. In addition the canopy should also be thinned by 20% to reduce density and increase daylight and sunlight through the canopy"

Job: The job latest three days due to the lack of access and difficulty moving each and every branch cut some 300 metres! Every branch cut was put through our wood chipper and the wood chippings were used by a local farm, all wood was also used by local farm as a firewood resource, so all waste was 100% recycled and put to good use! 

End Result:   With the job complete the affected resident was amazed, you can see their review below. the tree is now much smaller with daylight and sunlight streaming through the canopy. The residents are now receiving at least 70% more sunlight and natural daylight that was previously blocked by the presence of the tree. As well as reducing the overall size and dominatin impact/presence of the tree, thinning the canopy also has enabled sunlight and day light to stream through the tree to!  

Client Testimonial

What an amazing job!

I just want to say a massive thank you for the job your guys have done on the trees and especially the huge horse chestnut on Lancaster Square. They have been amazing and worked so hard in the last few days. The benefits are huge, we have so much more day light and sunlight, its jut brilliant, we are so pleased with the results, please pass on my thanks to your team

Mrs carera- Southampton
    ( Rating 5/5 )

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