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Hedge Trimming, Shirley, Southampton

Hedge Trimming, Shirley, Southampton - before photo
Hedge Trimming, Shirley, Southampton - after photo

Pruning hedges into a neat box shaped hedge is an art that takes considerable time to develop , which is why you need experts to help you with your project. Our team of tree surgeons has a wealth of industry experience. Aside from that, we give each of our staff member’s in-depth training. That means that each of our team members will reach and even exceed your expectations. When you invest in some of our expert services, you can be sure that you will get the best level of service. Whether you need help with a commercial or private garden, we are a company you can trust.

The hedge above is growing in Shirley Southampton . We received a phone call from the homeowner explaining the hedge was looking untidy and need trimming to bring it back into a neat shape and feature of the property. This is straight forward work for us and on arrival we quickly got to work.  

BEFORE PICTURE – You can see the size of the hedge and how untidy it had become, hedge trimmers and steps were at the ready and we will have the hedge looking in great shape in no time at all   

AFTER PICTURE -  Job complete and site left clean and hedge looks loads neater and a great feature of the property, providing a beautiful natural green screen !! 

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