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Hedge Cutting New Forest

Hedge Cutting New Forest - before photo
Hedge Cutting New Forest - after photo

A customer called to ask for a free quotation to prune and shape their overgrown and untidy Privet hedge in Southampton.

Before - You can see the hedge was not level and was untidy in appearance, the brief was to tidy the hedge and get the hedge as level as possible. You can gauge how high and untidy this hedge was if you look at the background houses and roofs which are mostly hidden and if you look at the after picture you can now see roofs and background landscape features.      

After - You can see the hedge is now extremely level and we have added a slight angled shape at the top of the hedge as requested by the client.  The hedge now looks very neat and tidy and the customer will prune the hedge twice a year to maintain the tidy appearance, once in spring, end March/ early April time and again late July/ early August.