Hiring a tree surgeon can be a concerning decision in order to maintain surrounding features at a clients property. Whilst mature trees look very appealing, increasing the value of your property, adding shade and creating a pleasing aesthetical view, trees can also become problematic and in some cases hazardous.

DGS Trees have acquired a wealth of knowledge, experience and professionally recognised qualifications since 1992 managing trees. We provide advice and services that help our clients make the most of their garden, assets and can help with development proposals affected by trees or hedges. DGS Trees provide expert tree services and importantly provide peace of mind knowing our clients' trees are in good hands.

Potential Benefits of Tree Surgery Services

Using a tree surgery specialist can have many benefits. Treatment and maintenance for trees can be applied to any garden in all types of residential and commercial properties. A tree specialist can carry out essential work to support and enhance a garden or property.  The benefits may include

  • Maintain the beautiful appearance of your garden
  • Eliminate the danger of diseased or unstable trees, for example following a storm
  • Increase natural sunlight by having overgrown trees pruned or removed
  • Provide space by way of pruning trees to increase use of an area or to abate nuisance issues such as branches  touching a roof for example  

The Work of Tree Care Specialists

Employing a tree surgeon if not recommended by a colleague or reputable organisation can be a bit hit and miss for some people.

  • What questions should you ask?
  • What insurances should a professional have?
  • What qualifications should a professional have?
  • And so on! 

It is certainly preferable you only use recommended tree surgery companies, who can carry out all your to tasks to perfection, however, this may not always seem possible. Using an unprofessional company may risk damaging your trees or trees, which are living organisms that can take many years to grow. A genuine commercial tree specialist will be a skilled operator with a sound degree of technical knowledge, training and experience.

About DGS Trees

  • Been in the industry since 1992
  • Obtained qualifications to the level of National Diploma Arboriculture, achieved following 3 years full time study
  • Have insurance to the value of £10 million
  • Are members of several Health & Safety schemes that assess us annually to demonstrate safe operating procedures are in place and to a recognised industry standard


Treatment and Maintenance of Trees

Naturally, as trees continue to grow, it is advisable to have your trees checked and seen periodically by a qualified professional arborist. Tree maintenance is and inspection is necessary to maintain trees size, shape and importantly ensure good health and structure. Maintenance tasks may include:

  • Trimming tree branches
  • Tree Felling
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree Inspection   
  • Tree planting

What is the Cost of a Tree Specialist?

There is no exact cost for tree surgery since every tree is different, varying in type, size, location, difficulty to reach and on. However, there is a broad range of expected costs which can start at £30 per hour PER MAN.

All our costs are based on this hourly rate per man, prices increase based on the difficulty of the work, it is essential to get quotes from various trusted tree surgeons.

DSG Trees provide:

  • Free initial consultation with an experienced professional arborist to view the proposed works
  • Free No obligation written quotation coupled with copies of our insurance documents
  • Free written risk assessment of method statement detailing safe operating procedures
  • Get the Best Quotes for Tree Surgery Southampton, Hampshire & Dorset

Get the Best Quotes for Tree Surgery in Southampton, Hampshire & Dorset

With tree surgeons, it is important to get several quotes as some may be more specialised in certain areas of tree work than others, which will affect the cost. Through DGS Trees you will get excellent tree surgery quotes, clearly outlining the work and prices, then compare our service and costs with other professionals

We are so confident you can't find better a better more professional service locally that matches our affordable rates.......

"We will match any like for like quote from other professional organisations"