DGS Trees were recently instructed to remove a large oak tree on a busy road near a sharp bend and adjacent an entrance to a sports complex.


The tree removal operation although complex is our everyday work, public safety and traffic management on the other hand, presented logistical challenges, planning and control measures to reduce the risk of injury or harm to an acceptable level.

Traffic and pedestrian management was undertaken in accordance with highway regulations, particular the following regulations and guidance documents: 

Part 1: Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations



Part 2: Traffic Safety Measures and Signs for Road Works and Temporary Situations




Traffic management was managed using a combination of suitable traffic control signs and cones, coupled with Stop Go traffic management and two way radios.


The following pictures and videos were taken during the works in progress:

 1: Climber ascending the tree and moving into a working position to start work:



Traffic stoped both ways, section removed, processed through woodchipper and traffic allowed through, this process is repeated until the whole tree is removed.












The lower section, the main trunk was unsafe to climb and a mobile elevated work platform was required in order to safely remove this section: