Trees in Conservation Areas

All trees in Conservation Areas are protected if they have a stem diameter of 75 millimetres measured at 1.5 metres from ground level. In general, it is an offence under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 for anyone to undertake work to a tree in a conservation area without giving the Council six weeks written prior notice. The notice period is for the Council to decide if the tree(s) should be protected from proposed work by a TPO. If the council decides they do not agree with your proposals the tree/s will be included in a tree preservation order

Giving notice of tree works

To give notice of work to tree(s) in a conservation area complete the application for tree works on the Planning Portal website or download and complete a paper copy 1APP form from the relevant local goverment web site. Visit our other article "Are my Trees Protected" to view links to local councils and their 1APP forms as well as other useful information relating to trees and planning.

when completing a 1APP form you must provide:

  • Details of the location of the trees to which the notice relates, by reference to a plan if necessary
  • Details of the tree work operations being proposed (The notice should clarify exactly what work is envisaged. Vague proposals to "prune" or "cut back" are not adequate. You are advised to present a clear proposal and should consider discussing ideas with an arboriculturalist before submitting a notice)

It is helpful if you also provide:

  • Reason for proposed work, with reference to supporting evidence if necessary
  • Details of ownership of the trees

It should be noted that it is not an offence to undertake work to a tree in a Conservation Area that is dead, dying or has become dangerous. However, the burden of proof that work is exempt from the need for prior notice because of the condition of the tree(s) lies with the person carrying out the work. Anyone proposing to do work under this exemption is strongly advised to contact the tree officer for advice before hand.

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Page last reviewed 22 August 2013