DGS TREES was asked by a prospective client to price the removal of 3 large stumps 2-3 ft in diameter, the site was in Shirley, Southampton.

We asked the client to send us a picture of the stumps along with the diamater measurement of each stump in order that we could calculate a fixed price cost for the works, we also asked the client to confirm access as a minimum 28 inches wide. The client sent us a picture of the stumps along with measurements and confirmed access was at least 28inches wide or greater. 

We replied sending a written quotation by email to undertake the removal of all 3 stumps, the client promptly accepted and we agreed a date and time to undertake the works.

All correspondance relating to this enquiry was processsed from enquiry through to booking within 4 hours from receiving the initial enquiry phone call!


"We provide a very speedy stump removal service, from enquiry to completion of works"  


We arrived on site at the agreed time and day to undertake the works equiped with our machine loaded on the trailor:

We navigated the machine from the front through to the back garden, along the narrow side access of the house:

Once we had navigated to the stump we erected a ply sheet to prevent flying debri from breaking glass and we are now ready to start removing the stumps.


Before starting work we completed a risk assessment ensuring all staff members and client are aware of the risks and control measures. Stump grinders can throw debri into the air, so we ensured the client stayed in the house whilst in the process of removing the stumps. 

We are now ready to start work:

The process - removing tree stumps

The grinder moves across the stump in a sweeping motion moving left to right removing a layer of wood on each sweep, follow the link below, "Link to watch video" clicking this link will open a new window, simply close after viewing to return:  

Link to watch video

This process of sweeping across the stump gradually removes the whole stump out of the ground, mulching the wood into a woodchip mixed with the soil, making an ideal surface for applying turf directly on top, rich in nutrients and easy to work.


The end result is the stumps gone with a level area to replant, laydown turf, build or to faciltate whatever the reason for stump removal, see the finished picture below:

The area is now ready to lay turf directly on top of the mulched area, job finished and another satisfied DGS Trees customer!