We received an enquiry from a prospective client with a very large cedar tree in his garden causing issues as follows:

  1. Large low branches extending down into the garden creating a feeling of dominance
  2. Large lower branches extending over X3 garden boundaries

We discussed the issues at length and agreed the following schedule of works:

  1. Crown lift to raise the canopy removing lower branches from ground level up to 5 metres
  2. Reduce large, longer branches up to a height of 7 metres extending over numerous gardens

We sent the client a quotation for the works and received verbal instructions to proceed. We arrived onsite at the time and date agreed to start work in accordance with the written schedule of works. Before starting work we undertook a risk assessment and in turn implimented the control measures necessary and as identified in the risk assessment.    

Now we are ready to start work and accesss the tree using a rope and harness:

Once in the canopy of the tree and a safe anchor point is established at the top of the tree, the climber descends to the lower branches and starts removing large branches. Each branch is attached to a lowering rope, safely secured and lowered to the ground, see the following pictures showing how we removed each lower branch safely in turn, every branch removed was lowered using this technique:


Once we had finished raising the canopy removing lower branches the tree had good clearance between ground and the first branch, see the following before and after picture:


Reducing branch ends now starts........................   

we started reducing the ends of the remaining longer lower branches by up to 2 metres to reduce neighboring overhang, see the following pictures showing branch reduction in action:


The end result retains an aesthetical shape whilst reducing dominance and nuisnace issue:

BEFORE & AFTER ONE SECTION .................